The DVSA guide to maintaining road worthiness is an important resource for transport operators. The guide provides best practice advice on the responsibilities that an operator or driver has, to ensure the roadworthiness of their vehicles. Do you have the most recent guide downloaded?

Regardless of fleet size/type and operating conditions, in order to maintain compliance, operators must review their systems comprehensively. It is sensible to do this on an-going basis, do not wait for something to go wrong to ask yourself why!

At HTCS we use the DVSA guide as a benchmark to assess your systems, linked to maintenance.

Our maintenance audit covers the following areas:

  • How effective is your daily walk around check and driver defect reporting system?
  • Retention of maintenance records – These should be kept by the operator, as a minimum for fifteen months.
  • Do you know your initial test pass rate? Rest assured, if it is not good, the TC will know it!
  • Maintenance arrangements and facilities. Irrespective of whether your maintenance is carried out in-house or externally, there is a defined standard.
  • Systems that support your vehicle maintenance. Safety Inspection frequencies. Forward planning requirements, Brake performance testing.
  • OCRS information.
Call us now for more information. Prices vary depending on fleet size. All audits are 100% confidential. You will be presented with a detailed report following the audit with recommendations.

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