We know how demanding running a transport business can be. Making a profit is not easy even without all the rules we face in this regulated environment. Don’t wait to be told you MUST have a systems audit by the Traffic Commissioner, scrutinise your systems to measure their efficiency now. Systems are only as good as the results they produce. Your transport business must run safely and smartly across all compliance areas. Let us help you improve your systems.

Areas covered:

  • Driver Licensing
  • Drivers Hours and the Road Transport Working Time Directive
  • Tachograph rules
  • Driver Defect Reporting
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Operators Licence Undertakings

When you apply for an Operator licence (PSV or HGV, restricted or national) You will have to sign a document that lists eleven undertakings. The signing is the easy part! It is important that you understand what this term “legal undertakings” actually means for you and your business. In essence you are making a legal promise to abide by the undertakings stipulated. Operators may only be reminded of these undertakings when they fail to operate in accordance with them. Remember they form part of your on-going licence obligations.
We can help you at the application stage, and throughout the life of your licence to remain compliant.
How many of these legal undertakings can you name? Ignorance is not bliss.
This is just one of the eleven:
“I will ensure that the Traffic Commissioner is notified of any other changes within 28 days, for example a change to the proposed maintenance arrangements; a change in the financial status of the licence holder [e.g. if placed in liquidation or receivership], or a change to Limited Company status or partnership, that might affect the licence, if issued.”

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